Growing Growing Growing!

written by Matthew on 2021-04-24

What an exciting year!

What has started as a hobby continues to bloom!

  • We are enjoying this wonderful ride as we continue to introduce the benefits of honeybees to new people.
  • Our small backyard apiary has expanded into multiple new locations.
  • Following our most recent inspections, we know our bees are all healthy and doing well.

We look forward to where this adventure continues to take us!

We Started Hive Management Services!

written by Matthew on 2021-03-29

We are excited to announce that we are starting a Honey Bee Hive Management service!

Who this is for:

This is perfect for you, if you

  • Want more honey bees and pollinators in your yard and gardens
  • But you do not want to manage the hive yourself

Send us a quick message on our Contact Us page if you are interested!

Hello Apiary

written by Matthew on 2021-02-11

In the tech world, the first post is often a simple, "Hello World!" This announces a new project, page, item, etc.

Well, here we are ... We have made it this far, where we need a place to sell our excess honey stores and other honey bee related products!

We also absolutely love to share our experience managing our hives. Honey bees are fascinating insects. They communicate, they dance, they work as a team, they fight, they clean, and many other interesting things!