Some photos of our bees!

Inside the hive

This is a frame from inside a bee hive. It has many cells made of wax that the worker bees might fill with food or the Queen might lay an egg in.
This is a captured Queen. Here, we were relocating a wild hive. Catching the Queen like this for a couple days helps ensure the bees begin to feel at home in their new place and do not leave.
Here is a Queen on a frame of bees. Can you spot her? She is the biggest one and the mother of all the bees in the hive.

Our family working the hives

This is Matt holding a frame full of baby bees!
Here is the family doing an inspection on our Top Bar hive.
Here, Caleb is inspecting a frame of brood comb.
We are asked sometimes to rehome bees who take up residence in other people's property. Here, Erica is working on rescuing a hive that had moved into someone's squirrel box.