Hive Management Services

We offer Honey Bee Hive Management Services to people in the Orlando area!

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Many people want more honey bees and pollinators in their yard and gardens. Usually, they do not know how to manage bees themselves, nor do they have the equipment or expertise.

Managed bee colonies are more docile bees than feral bees. They are less likely to sting or act aggressively while benefiting your neighborhood's local ecosystem. Properly managed honey bee colonies means a healthier bee population in your neighborhood with fewer diseases affecting all honey bees.

Let us place a hive in your backyard!

As our apiary resources allow, we offer the ability for people to have a hive in their backyard, servicing their gardens, and even enjoying some of their very local honey!

We charge a small install fee and then a monthly hive management fee for this service. If at anytime, you no longer want a hive in your yard, we will remove it without any additional issue.

As beekeepers, we are registered with the State of Florida, and these hives would fall under our registration. We manage all our hives according to the Best Management Requirements for Maintaining Honey Bee Colonies on Non-Agricultural Lands.

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